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Do you want to have a successful product launch? A promotional video is a solution that you require. Our team at Replete will be there to assist you in identifying the advantages of a great promotional video and working these advantages into large sales figures.

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The beating heart of a marketing campaign – The Product Presentation

Some of our most successful projects have been the result of our close association with the marketing teams at our client end. In order to create the most effective product presentation whether internal or external, understanding the concept is critical before we begin work on the explainer video.  No matter if your product is a sneaker, a smartphone app or a complex mechanism like a neutron flux meter a precise and simplified explainer video plays a critical role in the deliverance and presentation of your product. We take the most important aspects of your product and convey these to your target market in a few short minutes. Use it as a training tool or a commercial marketing tool. Would you like to be a part of this elite group of companies using this targeting strategy?

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Commercials: Best Practices

How often have you read a product manual that you received with your new smartphone or with any product for that matter? Rarely correct! This does not happen when you use our explainer video as your product guide.

Our concepts define your product’s properties in short and clear manner. Using creative, easy-to-understand drawings and animations we put together a visual symphony which is guaranteed to stay in the minds of the audience.

Look at some such symphonies that we have created:

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Advertising your product video with humor, animation or using unique design we have a solution for every need:


  • Cut-out animation video
  • Hand-drawn illustrations
  • Fixed price
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  • 2D animated video
  • Individually designed for you
  • Fixed price
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  • Videos as unique as your company
  • Specially developed for you
  • Fixed price
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Our focus is always oriented towards your target group

The focal point of the development process and outcome revolves around your target market. We develop the video keeping them in mind and at the end of the day want to deliver a strong and compelling message to these targeted audiences. Some of the factors that we consider are:

  • Is the target already aware of the product or is this the first introduction?
  • If there is prior knowledge, is this knowledge accurate and up-to-date?
  • Is this presentation aimed at internal or external audiences?
  • What is the best medium for delivering the message? i.e. TV, Radio, online…
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Our Advertising explainer video production process:


Understanding your requirements is our primary goal. Our customer consultants are apt in asking the right questions to ensure that all your requirements are defined and noted. Equipped with this data they are in a position to advise you on the ABC’s of the development process from animation to scheduling.

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The briefing stage is all about your topic. Our designers closely interact with you and your team to discuss every aspect that is critical to your explanatory video. We focus our discussion on topics like target groups, core concepts, and other mission-critical points. We believe that you are the master of your domain and there is no other who know your topics better. Our outsider perspective and our expertise in identifying the essence of your topic makes us a winning team.

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We put ourselves in the shoes of your target audience, looking at your explanatory video from their point to view to get a better understanding of the deliverables. This outlook helps us in putting together the concept right up to the audio speech required for impactful deliverance.

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Our storyboard is the depiction of your explanatory video on paper. This is the final visualization of your concept put together with the imagery that we plan on using during the production to give you a pectoral layout from beginning to end.

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Lights, Camera & Acton: This is where all the steps come together as a handmade video where our director and cameraperson shoot the actual footage in our studio. Then our team of editors combines the footage with the imagery to deliver a state of the art whiteboard explainer video in any format as per your requirements.

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