Animated explainer videos

Our animated explainer videos are designed especially for your needs:
  • Explainer videos using 2-dimensional animation
  • Sustainable knowledge transfer using entertaining animation in a simplified and absorbing manner
  • Color scheme in accordance with your corporate logo
  • Scientifically sound fundamentals

The Replete animate Solution

Your need of the hours is an animated explainer video at a fixed price what fits your corporate design. Replete has the perfect solution to offer. With a wide range of 2-dimensional (2D) animations, icons and design patterns to choose from which can be customized to match your corporate color schemes, our video solutions are guaranteed to provide you with the solution of your choice.

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Our fixed price guarantee

Your 1- minute 2D customized video comes to you at a guaranteed price

This is the all-inclusive price that we guarantee to our customers. What does all-inclusive mean you say? Well when we make a claim of all-inclusive we mean exactly that. There are no hidden charges. The 1-minute video price includes every stage right from the briefing and storyboarding to designing and animation. We will also provide you the video in all your required formats at no additional cost.

Here is the clincher: We will also commit to deliver your product in 30 working days once we receive your brief.

Want to add more minutes to your video?: We offer attractive ‘Extra Minute” packages

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Stories Sell

“Stories entice emotions in our brain and tend to stay with us for a lot longer those bare facts. Each of our videos tells and involving story to ensure your target audiences undivided attention and sustained knowledge transfer. We are masters of storytelling.”

Rodrik, concept designer


Animate examples

100% of our customers are satisfied, 96% even enthusiastic (2018)

Icon or Details: Which one shall it be?

At Replete we offer you the choice of 2 different styles of animated videos and we help you in picking the right one to suit your needs.

Animated Icons:

This style is more suited to for depiction of complex issues and processes. In icon style me make use of comprehensible images and reduced style to simplify the most complex material, breaking it down into easily understandable content. The best use of icon style for content like workflow, structures or product chain.

Animated Details:

This style is more effective for the personal content or if the content has a close resemblance to the real world. This style is based on the detailed representation of real world situations and locations making the audience easily recognize the same. The Animated details style is best suited for content used to explain products or objects.

Make you animated explainer video interactive

Convert your explainer video into an interactive video:
  • Supplement your animated video with the addition of interactivity
  • Enhance your target audience’s learning motivation by adding gamification elements like Quizzes and Call2Action interactivities
  • Amplify the learning experience with highly interactive knowledge transfer
  • Upgrade to an interactive explainer video
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We start here

Our Production Process


Understanding your requirements is our primary goal. Our customer consultants are apt in asking the right questions to ensure that all your requirements are defined and noted. Equipped with this data they are in a position to advise you on the ABC’s of the development process from animation to scheduling.

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The briefing stage is all about your topic. Our designers closely interact with you and your team to discuss every aspect that is critical to your explanatory video. We focus our discussion on topics like target groups, core concepts, and other mission-critical points. We believe that you are the master of your domain and there is no other who know your topics better. Our outsider perspective and our expertise in identifying the essence of your topic makes us a winning team.

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We put ourselves in the shoes of your target audience, looking at your explanatory video from their point to view to get a better understanding of the deliverables. This outlook helps us in putting together the concept right up to the audio speech required for impactful deliverance.

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Our storyboard is the depiction of your explanatory video on paper. This is the final visualization of your concept put together with the imagery that we plan on using during the production to give you a pectoral layout from beginning to end.

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Lights, Camera & Acton: This is where all the steps come together as a handmade video where our director and cameraperson shoot the actual footage in our studio. Then our team of editors combines the footage with the imagery to deliver a state of the art whiteboard explainer video in any format as per your requirements.

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