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Eighty-four% say that AI scaling is essential to their success. They've used AI in their own businesses to improve productivity and unlock new efficiencies. New outcomes can be achieved when AI is scaled. It is up to you to figure out how.

Applied Intelligence can help. It's our unique approach in scaling AI, automation and analytics--and the data fueling it all--to empower every individual and every process. Our global team of specialists works together with you to ensure that you have the best possible scalable solutions for your business. We facilitate cultural change to enable your workforce to make use of data and AI to foster continuous innovation.

Our Capabilities

Intelligent platforms

We partner with you to scale AI within your entire organisation.

Solutions AI

With the power of intelligence, unlock the potential value in your SAP portfolio.


We help you achieve maximum business value out of your Salesforce portfolio, with deep industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Data-Driven Reinvention

Oracle partners with us to help you innovate at scale throughout the entire Oracle solutions lifecycle


We support organizations to implement customized Workday solutions that turn finance and Human Capital Management into an information powerhouse.


We work together with Microsoft to create game-changing solutions with Microsoft technologies

Our Capabilities

We help you to scale AI within your entire organization.

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