Cloud is at the heart of our business. We harness the power and potential of change to create extraordinary value.

We put your business first and create industry-specific solutions that get you to the cloud.
With us, you can move to the cloud and discover better ways to harness the power and potential of cloud computing. We can help you realize your business's full potential, and provide cloud management services to assist with the transition.


Cloud First provides a wide range of cloud services that will help you maximize the return on your investment. Cloud is not just technology. Our solutions include the culture and workforce changes required for long-lasting success.

Cloud migration

Combine industrialized cloud services with automation tools that accelerate migration and reduce risks.

Cloud engineering and automation

Use cloud native development and app modernization to deliver custom cloud solutions.

Infrastructure services

To accelerate cloud’s potential, leverage hybrid cloud and reinvent your workplace experience and networks to maximize the cloud’s potential.

Cloud security

Our cloud security services will help you protect your IT assets.

Data transformation

Cloud-based data models that are specific to your industry can be used to create industry-specific data, AI insights, and intelligence for business.

Sustainability with cloud

Make quick decisions with our circular economy approach and have a sustainable cloud experience.

Cloud platforms

To drive innovation and performance, move your ERP to the cloud.

Cloud strategy and change management

Our full range of services can help you design your value-driven journey, including industry insights and business model strategies. We also offer change management and other services to increase ROI and performance.

Cloud management & optimization

Automated compliance monitoring, optimization, governance, and monitoring of cloud tools and service providers.

What we think

Cloud is the urgent answer to the business imperative of today

Companies must operate and compete at unprecedented speeds and scale today, more than ever before. The ``Cloud Repletion`` series demonstrates how mastering five elements can unlock greater flexibility, agility, and new growth opportunities.

Migrate and scale up

Choose the right infrastructure to support your business needs and move your workloads quickly to the cloud.

Get the most from the hyperscalers

To create value for your company, you can use the investments and innovations of the major cloud providers.

Run and optimize

Restructuring architectures, data, and applications for the cloud can increase organizational agility and speed.

Modernize and accelerate

Modernizing infrastructure and applications is key to maximizing the cloud’s long-term value.

Innovate and grow

Cloud is not just about cheaper IT. Cloud is also the main enabler for business reinvention. It brings together all that’s needed to invent.

How do we work?

Our aproach to Cloud First understands how to deliver core business solutions in cloud computing. After you have outlined your goals, we'll help you find the right cloud solution that suits your business and get to value quicker.

An unmatched ecosystem of partners

We are the most trusted partner for AWS, Azure, and Google. We can help with any challenge because of our relationships.

Proven, industry-tailored cloud solutions

We partner with you and draw on our experience from all over the world cloud projects across nearly every industry to create predictable, fast, and secure cloud solutions.

Unparalleled talent and experience

Our cloud professionals hold more expert certificates. They combine extensive industry experience with highly specialized, state-of-the-art skills.

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