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Looking to get a corporate video for your company? Do your homework on what you want in this video and what is your primary aim of making this video. Then let Replete fulfill all your requirements as a one-stop shop for corporate video development.

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Win more business. Tailor-made Corporate animations and videos to fit your corporate needs

Our corporate explainer videos will provide you the edge you need in persuading and educating your stakeholders towards your corporate objectives.

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The best tool for your corporate image building project

A picture says a thousand words and a professionally developed corporate video brings to light the strengths of your company. In just a few short minutes your target audience is made aware of your company culture and its strengths and products. You could choose to make a live shoot film or use animation as your medium of expression, we at Replete are here to help you convert your vision into reality. To add icing to the cake, we can incorporate your company logo or adopt your company colors for the video which helps the view associated with your company instantaneously. Intrigued yet? Connect with us to know more.

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What corporate video can make a world of difference to your company goals

We have produced numerous corporate videos for a wide range of clients, let us share an experience with you to highlight the difference a corporate video makes.

We created videos with the aim to draw attention to critical topics. The resulting study of the target group for the videos demonstrated that 80 percentile of the audience watched the video till the end. The aim of conveying messages to the masses was achieved with enthralling effects.

Corporate movies by Replete: In Legetrick, 2D animated or in your unique video style


  • Cut-out animation video
  • Hand-drawn illustrations
  • Fixed price
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  • 2D animated video
  • Individually designed for you
  • Fixed price
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  • Videos as unique as your company
  • Specially developed for you
  • Fixed price
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100% of our customers are satisfied, 96% even enthusiastic (2018)

What makes a good corporate movie?

A corporate film is more than the documentation of a product or a brand. It is a story told with such skill that it leaves the target audience with a sense of purpose and ownership of the message being presented. Our expert storytellers develop this story by taking your corporate message and weaving a beautiful carpet of images, words, and colors which create an emotional response and a lasting effect on the viewer.

Corporate Video that achieves its goal

Corporate videos for companies has two major goals:
  • The brand or product should be presented informatively and,
  • The video serves to build an organizational image

i.e. the valuable message of the brand or product should be clearly conveyed to the target audience.

Corporate videos can be used for different purposes, for internal and external communication such as:
  • Internal corporate communications
  • Information for the press (eg press releases)
  • Public relation
    Image formation with shareholders
  • Arousing interest in new customers

Our Corporate explainer video production process:


Understanding your requirements is our primary goal. Our customer consultants are apt in asking the right questions to ensure that all your requirements are defined and noted. Equipped with this data they are in a position to advise you on the ABC’s of the development process from animation to scheduling.

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The briefing stage is all about your topic. Our designers closely interact with you and your team to discuss every aspect that is critical to your explanatory video. We focus our discussion on topics like target groups, core concepts, and other mission-critical points. We believe that you are the master of your domain and there is no other who know your topics better. Our outsider perspective and our expertise in identifying the essence of your topic makes us a winning team.

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We put ourselves in the shoes of your target audience, looking at your explanatory video from their point to view to get a better understanding of the deliverables. This outlook helps us in putting together the concept right up to the audio speech required for impactful deliverance.

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Our storyboard is the depiction of your explanatory video on paper. This is the final visualization of your concept put together with the imagery that we plan on using during the production to give you a pectoral layout from beginning to end.

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Lights, Camera & Acton: This is where all the steps come together as a handmade video where our director and cameraperson shoot the actual footage in our studio. Then our team of editors combines the footage with the imagery to deliver a state of the art whiteboard explainer video in any format as per your requirements.

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