Drive Deeper Engagement

Studies have put 2.25 times higher revenue growth for companies with higher engaged employees as opposed to other companies. An organization with disengaged employees tend to show a productivity loss of $ 550 to $ 650 billion in the United States alone.

As the ongoing technology revolution takes shape, employee engagement is not ignored. Organizations have begun to introduce technologies based on user requirements thus increasing the engagement ration of their employees.

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How Can Software Change Your Workplace?

Customized applications are designed specifically to solve problems, increase productivity and engage employees. Mobile and tablet applications are the perfect solutions for automation of repetitive work thus improving productivity.

But this is just the start. Other advanced technological trends like AI, VR and Gamification are making their presence felt in the workplace.

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Opportunity Ahead

“One of the main reasons for employee disengagement is the disconnect between technology used by people for their individual needs and the one they use in their workplace.

Simply put, applications used on a daily basis are faster, more accurate and offer a substantially better user experience. Well-designed applications can help in these areas”

John, HR Head

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Learning and development

By tracking and analyzing various aspects of an employee, organizations can deploy customized training materials targeting user’s specific needs

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Higher productivity

An average employee spends a considerable part of their day reading and responding to emails. An AI-powered communication tool can bifurcate the most relevant emails and apply appropriate filters.

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Higher motivation

Gamification and other interactive methods can make an everyday task more engaging and fun thus improving employee engagement.

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