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reLaaS (Innovation Lab as a Service)

Venturing into new and innovative concepts while managing their risks and costs is the biggest challenge faced by most enterprises. Over 50% of new innovations get left by the sidelines due to this constraint.

Replete’s ‘Innovative Lab as a Service’ acts as an extended part of your team giving you access to some of the world’s best design and development consultants.  We create, iterate and rapidly deploy your innovative concepts at 50% of the cost and time saving you on infrastructure and in-house development resourcing.

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Growth reSprints & Product Optimization

Our expertise in User Acquisition and User Engagement comes from the confidence in our Growth Team that specializes in A/B testing and cohort analysis to improve key matrices in your product.

In today’s high demand market, Replete understands the components required to seamlessly blend with large and small enterprises as their partners.  We help you move away from the industry norms and create new pathways by offering services across Ideation, User Experience Design, Development, and Managed Services Programs. We also offer specialized Product marketing and launch services.

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Your Accelerated Execution Partner

Replete understands how to partner with enterprises and any variation that want to disrupt the status quo.


Digitalization is the need of the hour and the way forward for future growth. Adopting new and advanced technological concepts like Cloud, Blockchain, and Mobile to name a few adds pressure to organizations with competing priorities.

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Product Strategy

Competing against the best startups and leading global brands with your digital product are the biggest challenge faced by every enterprise. At Replete we help you in applying best practices for product design.

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Market & Product Market Research

Knowing the pain points of your existing and potential customers and addressing the same is the key to a product’s success. Replete help you run market research and analysis surveys to understand these pain points and devise strategies to address them successfully.

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Pilot or Prototype Development

Budgetary constraints restricting your prototyping requirements? We offer low-cost prototype development services that help you secure the necessary buy-ins from your organization decision makers while honoring your budget constraints.

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Analytics & Continuous innovation

We pride ourselves on our ability to support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their product. Monitoring your product performance and maintaining/ upgrading the product is as simple as making a phone call to avail of our support on-demand services.

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71% of Software Development Projects Fail

A 2015 study across 50,000 software projects showed that:

Only 26% of projects were successful*

54% had major challenges.

20% failed completely.

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*success defined as on time, on the budget, within the scope, and of value to the end user.

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