Digitised Healthcare

With the growth of smartphone users worldwide and the use of sensors and wearable devices the healthcare industry and stumbled upon a huge untapped market.

Possibilities for medical applications with the mobile revolution have become limitless. From providing improved patient care to installing preventive devices and early warning systems the medical fraternity is likely to be overwhelmed with possibilities.

The reduced cost due to mobile technology as compared to cloud technology has made this industry more attractive and affordable. Even with all these benefits and more, the healthcare industry is still one of the most underserved industry in terms of mobile technology.

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How’s mHealth Different?

Application development for the healthcare industry is largely different from the traditional enterprise software and consumer app development.

This requires a deep and thorough understanding of the user needs as well as regulatory requirements. There is also the need to graph the interoperability requirements with other health systems and integration with back-end systems.

So, mHealth is not just about building an application with new technology and great design but mainly about incorporating human-centric research and design that engages users.

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How our Healthcare Provider Solution can Help?

Mobile applications can deliver services that improve the workflow while increasing patient interaction and enhanced care.


Remote monitoring of a patient using mobile technology reduces clinical visits and thus costs. This will also result in increased bandwidth for the doctors.

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Patient Education

Fitness trackers and other wearable devices provide a wealth of information that is useful in monitoring the health and wellbeing of the users.

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Minimize Medical Errors

Accessibility to data through smart devices has reduced the access time and increased the usability of such data.

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Mobile application helps in streamlining doctor-patient interactions like booking appointments and helping doctors in maintaining schedules.

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Customer Satisfaction

mHealth can send push notifications, help clients in navigating within the organization, give access to providers’ contact details, and so on.

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