IoT App Development.

The Internet of Things has marked the beginning of the smart world. Devices connected and communicating with each other have become the ground reality.

Untapped Opportunity

The IoT market is on the rise. It has topped $ 110.57 billion this year along and has a predicted growth of $ 565.04 billion by 2022.

While the media attention remains focused on consumer markets, much of the exciting and innovative IoT inventions have been happening in the enterprise sector.

A combination of sensory data and advanced analytical algorithms, companies have found new ways to streamline businesses processes, increase productivity and develop leading-edge products.

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How IoT Works?

There are over 2 billion smartphone and 1 billion table users worldwide. This has led to cost-effective sensors and beacons being integrated into consumer and enterprise markets from retail to healthcare.

Other smart devices like smart TVs, smart cars and AI voice assists like Google Home and Amazon Echo represent a plethora of devices that connect and share data with each other. Thus achieving the main objective of IoT which is the seamless communication of data between remotely connected devices.

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Enterprise IoT

IoT combined with BigData technology provides the ideal platform for digital transformation. This transformation will enable new business models that revolve around connected devices and data streaming.

IoT offers the opportunity to improve product efficiency and service by connecting various devices through the Internet and being in the position to analyze the data provided by these devices.  Real-time data collected from these devices give an enterprise the competitive edge required in today’s markets.

IoT can change the way you do business and affect your market size. Understanding these parameters is paramount for any business today.

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