How to safeguard your idea?

IP theft costs $800+ billion a year in the US alone.

At Replete we take IP security and safety very seriously.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Security of your Intellectual Property is of primary importance to us. The initiation of every project is with an iron-clad NDA put in place using some of the best law firms in the business.

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Cybersecurity Advice

We have procedures put in place by some of the top cybersecurity experts in the country. To ensure that our cybersecurity methods are always up-to-date we have frequent security audits conducted by professionals.

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Stringent Procedures

We follow stringent certification procedures for our source code and project management documentation and storage.

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24/7 Security

All our development centers are monitored with 24/7 security and state of the art fingerprint security technology.

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How to keep your idea safe?

Take a look at a quick video that demonstrates IP security protocols

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Keeping your idea and intellectual property safe and secure

We spend a lot of time, money and effort to ensure that our client’s IP and data is secure so that our clients can feel confident while sharing their precious ideas with us. Download your guide today.

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