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An intelligent Operation is a strategic approach that advances the operating model. It is about changing the business using technology, processes, and people. It creates innovation and better customer experiences. Employees can also make smarter and faster business decisions. It is about creating an organization that is flexible, resilient, and capable of responding quickly to changes.

With worldwide practitioners in industry, technology, and process, and the world’s most advanced machine intelligence, we can transform your business to create intelligent operations that deliver sustained business outcomes. With seamless integration between services, we combine human ingenuity with applied intelligence and digital technologies to create measurable value.

Our combined human + machine intelligence and our unique ability to create and scale future-ready operational models allows us to drive sustainable growth with speed and certainty.

Our Capabilities

Our exceptional people around the globe bring intelligence, innovation, deep industry experience, and new IT skills to drive business growth and value. Find out more about our services.

Intelligent Finance Operations

Intelligent operations are a key component in helping companies transform from being transactional to becoming strategic.

Compliance as a Service

To meet regulatory and operational pressures, it is important to achieve compliance and manage risk.

Digital Inside Sales

Helping sales leaders evolve their operation models, launch new products & services and delight customers.

Digital Inside Sales

Assisting sales leaders in transforming their operations, launching new products & services, and delighting customers.

Sourcing and Procurement

Data-driven insights can help you optimize processes, improve efficiency, and generate more value.

Intelligent Global Business Services

Get better results faster with global business services that are intelligent and global.


Marketing Operations activates and optimizes best in class customer experiences to deliver breakthroughs…


Change to an agile bank operating model to ensure your business sustainability.


While improving patient outcomes, we can help payers, providers, and government agencies to drive growth.

Supply Chain

To help businesses manage market volatility and achieve success, it is important to build flexible, transparent supply chains.

Sales & Customer Operations

Transforming sales, marketing and service operations to deliver sustainable breakthrough growth.

Talent and HR

Innovative workforce operating models and a redesigned employee experience will improve retention.


We help you harness the power and potential of machines + humans to create resilient operations in your business.

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