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reAgile Development is the best engagement model in the world for Startups & Innovative Enterprise Brands

Development process generally are married with problems like impossible deadlines, pioneering of technologies, scaling to a million users overnight or rescuing disaster projects. Our model has a solution to all your problems.

Oh and did we mention it is very affordable?

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Replete’s reAgile Development

Our award-winning app development methodology has rescued over 50+ projects from other developers in the last 18 months.
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Test Cost-Efficient Channels

Drive Massive User Acquisition
(10k-100k+ downloads)

Optimize Effective Channels

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Review Core Metrics Post-Launch

Optimize Product Funnel

Increase Conversions Across The Funnel

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Design, Develop, Test, Ship!

Demo builds delivered weekly

Incorporate feedback

Tailor the Product Backlog until product completion

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Project Inception

Sprint Planning

Product Backlog Sign-off

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Branding/Customer Experience

Onboarding Strategy

User Interface Design

User Experience Design

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Gather Requirements

Design Product Strategy

Mitigate Technical Risks with an in-depth Technical Review

Review Solution Architecture

Top 3 problems we see when we take projects off other developers

We’ve rescued over 20 rescue projects off other software developers in the past 18 months.

Over-Promising on Timeline, Cost, Capability

Incorrect setting of expectations leading to delayed or missed deadlines by weeks, months in some rare cases even years. Underquoting for a project is a common occurrence due to the lack of a clear understanding of the requirements. This results in the developer asking for more money midway of development leaving the product owner in a Chace 22 situation. another reason for the underpricing of their services is the total lack of ability and know-how of the required technology.

Our solutions are complete with transparent schedules, predefined technical specifications and a fixed pricing with no hidden cost which all result in given our customers a sense of comfort and confidence in our service.

Not Classifying Technical Risk Correctly

Majority of development teams out there tend to rush into development without spending enough time in the planning stages. At Replete, we spend a minimum of one to two weeks in the requirement gathering process and then document our understanding and get it verified with our clients thus avoiding any room for misunderstandings.

We then spend close to 160 hours in designing the solution architecture of your project to ensure that we make use of the best technology suited for your needs.

Not Considering Commercial Risks

It has been our common finding that the product being developed was not evaluated against the market requirements. We at Replete, ensure that we help you understand your target market and adapt your product strategy and standards accordingly.

Incredible ideas require incredible engineers

We always hire the best
Three Good Developers vs. One Great Developer

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    68% of Software Development Projects Fail

    A 2015 study across 50,000 software projects showed that:

    Only 26% of projects were successful*

    54% had major challenges.

    20% failed completely.

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    *success defined as on time, on the budget, within the scope, and of value to the end user.

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