What is a reExpress Concept Workshop?

reExpress Concept workshop is a 2 days’ intensive workshop conducted to perform an in-depth technical review of your idea. We also assess the Commercial and Technical risks faced by your product thus helping us in formulating the ‘Minimum Viable Product’ and preparing the best development plan.

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Why a reExpress Concept Workshop?

At Replete we pioneered the concept of conducting a strategy workshop deviating from the normal practice of scoping documents. This has been a hugely successful initiative and helps us in connecting with our clients on a conceptual and strategical level.

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Key Benefits of reExpress Concept Workshop (reECW)

Reduce Cost

Consider reECW as a dietitian for your project.
We work with you to develop a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ by excess fat and having a lean and mean development plan.

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Define Product Strategy

Designing a successful product is a science. We at Replete are the once who have mastered this science and have the wherewithal to the device the most effective and profitable strategy for your product. (Facebook, Instagram, Uber etc.)

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Speed is essential and critical in a market where products are made or broken based on the market entry timing. reECW is the best solution for this race against time as we help you devise the best possible production strategy and technology to boost the development process. Our aim is to have your product on the market at “Warp Speed”

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Limit Your Risk

Replete’s reECW help identify problem areas in your concept and business model. This is done with the help of market research and analysis presenting you with this real-world facts and positioning of your proposed product. This leads you in making informed business and commercial decisions about your product.

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reECW 2017 Customer Survey

Over 500 responses gathered so far through the survey.







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  • Find out how we define your product strategy
  • Learn how important speed is in the process
  • See how we can reduce the cost whilst limiting your risk
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