Consider us to be an extended arm of your team to support you in your system operations and day to day application maintenance needs.

What Is RepleteCare?

Once your application is live, it is imperative that its performance and progress is monitored regularly. Your application may need tweaking based on customer feedback, optimization for larger load handling and various other routine maintenance requirements.

Most development companies will hand over your application and they call it a day. You are left all to yourself to deal with the application maintenance.

Why take RepleteCare?

Let us take care of your application maintenance throughout the lifecycle of your application while you reap the benefits of your idea. We will enlist the best team to monitor and troubleshoot your application for you.

Key Benefits of RepleteCare

Server Support

We have certified AWS Ops professionals, who ensure that you have the optimum server configuration to ensure that your users have the most memorable user experience on a daily basis.

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Bug Detection

Real-world usage of your application can through up bugs that no amount of bug testing in a simulated environment could have foreseen. With a support team, you always have the ready solution to troubleshoot the problem and launch an updated version in record time.

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Stay Up-to-Date

Updated on phone editions and operating systems are part of the new mobile ecosystem. With the policies of companies like Apple to remove applications that are not updated to the latest OS, it is critical to have your application updated at regular intervals.

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Startup Teams On-Demand

Lean startup methodology keeps your operational costs at a minimum and ensures a low burn rate. Replete provides you with the option to hire specialist team members as per your requirement to help maintain your application after go-live.

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71% of Software Development Projects Fail

A 2015 study by Standish Group across 50,000 software projects showed that:

  • Only 29% of projects were successful*
  • 52% had major challenges.
  • 19% failed completely.

download our free guide to learn how to spot a good developer vs. a bad one and what software development process will maximize your chances of completing your project successfully.

*success defined as on time, on budget, within scope and of value to the end user.

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