What Is reTraction Labs?

reTraction labs is an 8 weeks Intensive Idea Validation program where we connect your concept with the real world. We help you validate your concept at an early stage and also show you how this concept fits in the real world scenario. With this knowledge, you are in a strong position to know your concepts market value and take an informed decision before having spent valuable time and money in development.

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Why Do reTraction Labs?

“reTraction Labs helps you in validating your idea and understanding its market potential. This can help you build a strong argument for raising capital or to help you make an informed decision about investing.”

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Key Benefits of reTraction Labs.

Mitigate Risk

This is your first step to reduce the chances of failure. Here you will learn whether or not your application is the need of the hour and if there are going to be takes for this application. Knowledge of this variety is essential to work future business decisions.

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Avoid building something no-one wants

reTraction Labs helps you in feeling the pulse of the market and designing your product as per the requirement of the mass market and demand.

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Replace Assumptions With Real-World Data

Behind every product, there are a number of hypotheses. The most successful businesses are those that validate these hypotheses through market research.

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Provide a Proof of Concept to Potential Investors

Investors look for hard facts and numerical evidence to demonstrate success factors. At reTraction Labs, we provide you with this data and reports of the market study that will help you present to your potential investors.

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    68% of Software Development Projects Fail

    A 2015 study across 50,000 software projects showed that:

    Only 26% of projects were successful*

    54% had major challenges.

    20% failed completely.

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    *success defined as on time, on the budget, within the scope, and of value to the end user.

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