UI/UX Design.

Apple has successfully demonstrated how the use of groundbreaking product design can help in dominating the market. Steve Jobs famously said and we quote “Design is not about how it looks. It’s about how it works”.

Delivering Results

The most common misconception is that design and art are the same things. The differentiating factor lies in the fact that although the design is meant to be beautiful and appealing, its core revolves around functionality, solving problems and delivering results.

Putting it in business terms the KRAs of good design are tied to key metrics like the return on investment, user retention, customer loyalty, engagement and so on.

Seamless user design was the core factor that helped Apple move away from their pricing competition with PCs and become the most successful company in today’s time.

Leading companies like IBM, GE, and Salesforce have realized the importance of good user design and are investing heavily in improving their user experience and investing heavily in hiring world-class designers on their teams.

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Why UI/UX Design Matters?

While User Experience (UX) is about the optimization of the product for best usability, User Interface (UI) is equally important in making the product appealing and visually imploring to for the user.

UI/UX is not just about creative thinking. Its an exercise in research, understanding, and studying of customer problems and needs to come up with solutions that increase customer involvement and generate feedback for the backend team.

The entire process is centered around improving customer experience, telling the brand story and making the product intuitive to ensure positive customer experience.

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Our Mobile Technology Solution

UI/UX design is relatively in infant concept for most enterprises. Research and studies have shown that every dollar spent on UI/UX design has the potential to return investment up to 100 times. There are a lot of companies out there that is this missing out on this huge ROI factor.

ROI is not the only benefit that can be derived from UI/UX design. Outliner here are some of the other key benefits:

Customer Acquisition

The average person has a short attention span and hence tends to spend just a few seconds on web pages or application sites. Intriguing UI/UX design builds trust and engages users leading to better conversion rate and more hit ration for applications and websites respectively.

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Customer Retention

95% of new users abandoned an application within the first few months. Great design has the potential to make the user come back to the application, keep them engaged with the app for a longer duration and make investments in the same. This directly leads to a more satisfying user experience and helps in retaining customers for longer durations.

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Minimize Costs

A simple, intuitive and usable design minimizes the training cost for a product along with reducing the documentation and support requirement. This, in turn, reduces the overall cost of the product.

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Increased Productivity

Simple but effective design reduces the effort and operational time thus increasing productivity. Even the smallest of improvements in design and usability lead to a huge return in long-term scenarios.

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Shorter Development Time

Shorter development time means quicker returns on your investment. 50% of development time is spent rectifying errors due to incorrect assumptions of user behavior, confusing navigation, and many others. This can be reduced by improving and planning at the UI/UX design stage reducing the bug fixing time and thus leading to a faster go-to-market.

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