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The nature of real estate market today is largely different from its image a decade back. 68% of home buyers today prefer to deal with their agents through mobiles.

As the real estate market work up to the use of technology, some of the leading companies were quick to invest in this technology to better support their brokers and agents.

Now virtual reality and videos are set to transform the market even further. With 2 billion smartphone users and 10 million VR sets getting shipped this year alone, the industry is open to deliver innovative and creative solutions to improve the buyer experience.

The Opportunity Ahead

The introduction of new and advanced technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the real estate market is primed for change.

Home and commercial buyers are not satisfied with paper drawings anymore and this is where the use of technology comes in. Some of the leading real estate companies have already started taking septs in the right direction by offering potential customers with virtual tours of their facilities to enhance the experience.

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Security of your Intellectual Property is of primary importance to us. The initiation of every project is with an iron-clad NDA
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With an NDA in place, we can openly discuss your ideas and share our thoughts with your team. This helps us understand each other and we will only move ahead if we both feel this to be a good partnership.
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reExpress Concept Workshop

This is the brainstorming phase where your idea is prepped for development and analyze the commercial and technical risks while building the perfect go-to-market strategy for your product.
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reAgile Development

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We do not believe in leaving our clients high and dry after we have handed over the project. We offer some of the best support and maintenance packages in the industry
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What goes into an App?

An application is like a well-oiled machine which has multiple parts all working together in unison.

Building an app is no small task.


Our design team will work closely with you to conceptualize your vision and give it shape. Our expert User Experience designers will then add the final touches to this shape to come up with the best-suited design and UX experience for your application.

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Visual Design

We have the best design team in the industry who will be working with you to beautify your vision by creating a harmony of color and imagery. Our teams have won awards for their visual work because they are passionate about the fact that your application needs to be the best-looking app on the store.

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We pride ourselves in delivering the cleanest, bug-free and optimized code that makes your application work at its optimum best.

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If you have an allocated marketing budget for your application, we are the people that can help you drive your app to 10-100k users in a matter of weeks. Just speak to our Growth Strategists to know more.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Answers to the questions we get asked the most.
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Test Cost-Efficient Channels

Drive Massive User Acquisition
(10k-100k+ downloads)

Optimize Effective Channels

Product Optimization reSprints2018-09-12T15:22:14+00:00
Review Core Metrics Post-Launch

Optimize Product Funnel

Increase Conversions Across The Funnel

reAgile Development2018-09-12T15:26:38+00:00
Design, Develop, Test, Ship!

Demo builds delivered weekly

Incorporate feedback

Tailor the Product Backlog until product completion

reSprint Zero2018-09-12T15:27:49+00:00
Project Inception

Sprint Planning

Product Backlog Sign-off

Pre-Development Phase2018-09-03T20:22:41+00:00

Branding/Customer Experience

Onboarding Strategy

User Interface Design

User Experience Design

reExpress Concept Workshop2018-09-12T15:29:22+00:00
Gather Requirements

Design Product Strategy

Mitigate Technical Risks with an in-depth Technical Review

Review Solution Architecture

How good are your developers?2018-09-03T15:01:29+00:00
We go to great lengths to hire the best developers in the industry. You can read more about it here.
Will Replete raise money for my project?2018-09-03T15:00:29+00:00
Unfortunately no. But we do teach founders how to raise capital. You can download our ‘How To Raise Capital’ guide here.
Will Replete take equity in my project?2018-09-03T14:59:19+00:00
No. Most development firms that invest sweat equity are really just giving you a higher price with a ‘discount’ as a gimmick.
What happens after development?2018-09-03T14:58:22+00:00
Many of our clients work with us on further phases of development. We also offer Support & Maintenance options here.
How long does it take to build an app?2018-09-03T14:56:58+00:00
This depends on what needs to be built. The average timeline is roughly 3-6 months depending on complexity. When we understand what needs to be built we can give you a better idea.
Will Replete do the marketing also?2018-09-03T14:56:43+00:00
We have a service called Replete Growth Hacking (Ask one of our Growth Strategists about it!) in which we can do this.
How much does an app cost?2018-09-03T14:54:19+00:00
This is not easy to answer without fully understanding your requirements. To get a better picture, it’s best to get in touch with us. You can download our guide How Much Does An App Cost? here.
How do I know you won’t steal my idea?2018-09-03T14:18:01+00:00
We take your IP Theft very seriously—you can read more about how we protect your idea/IP here. Download our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. here

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