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COVID-19 has transformed the healthcare experience for patients in India. Nearly 3000 Indians were interviewed and we found that the pandemic caused unprecedented growth in digital healthcare. This was a trend that had been slowing down before COVID-19. This past year, 28 percent of respondents reported that their access to healthcare has improved since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Setting a new pace of change

Biopharma is facing a new economic environment that requires change. The industry is at an inflection point, where it must achieve the impossible due to rising costs for New Science and patient care.

Deliver more affordable, customized, and effective treatments, while also adapting to changes in crisis management.

Technology giants continue to look for industry leaders to replace them. Biopharma companies require new solutions to navigate this complex landscape.


Replete Life Sciences provides a complete range of services including Strategy, Consulting and Replete Interactive. These services help to deliver better healthcare and better outcomes for patients.


Helping to speed up R&D and deliver better outcomes.

Supply Chain

Create insights-driven, transparent, and integrated supply chains

Commercial, Sales and Marketing

Insights, design thinking, human creativity, and insight are all combined to create new customer experiences.

Precision Medicine

Data-driven personalized care that treats patients based on individual genomic characteristics.

Medical Technology

Collaboration with Medical Technology companies for solutions throughout the patient’s healthcare journey.

Patient Services

Innovative services that help you improve patient care and outcomes.


To improve the patient experience and operational efficiency, embrace new IT and innovative technology.

Cloud First for Life Sciences

Cloud can help you unlock data, increase engagement, and transform your business.

ReINTIENT Platform

A platform that allows the flow and continuity of information throughout the life sciences enterprise.

How we can help

Our clients have a positive impact on patient lives. We combine cutting-edge technology with new science. Our life sciences consulting services have deep industry experience and are supported by a global presence.

Network of life sciences professionals in 50+ countries.


Deep expertise in all 10 of the top 10 therapeutic areas.


of Fortune 1000 life sciences companies deliver improved outcomes

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