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ZBB was only the tip of an opportunity iceberg. ZBx is a new way of thinking. It favors agility over austerity and visibility over guesswork. ZBx also encourages future vision over the past to foster competitive agility.

No more incremental problem-solving like discussing business class or enjoying fresh fruit in the lobby. Zero-based thinking is about more than just line items and balance sheets. It’s about changing culture by aligning priorities throughout the organization. It reenergizes mindsets and behaviors by giving people ownership over how they spend their money and how they channel savings to new growth opportunities.

It is not easy to instill a culture of innovation across all levels. ZBx helps make it possible.

How we work

ZBx adoption is an investment in the future. We can help you reduce costs and reinvent work by infusing new technology and an owner-operator mindset throughout your company.

Zero-based commercial (ZBC)

Define the best customer experiences and price points to suit each segment. To maximize investments and increase revenue, evaluate the total wallet share.

Zero-based organization (ZBO)

Your company should be wiped clean. Identify your future needs and make changes to move talent away from the work that isn’t delivering the results you desire.

Zero-based spend (ZBS)

Identify General & Administration (G&A), with unprecedented granularity, to make bold decisions that allow cash to be used for growth initiatives.

Zero-based supply chain (ZBSC)

Determine the “should cost” for goods sold based upon price, performance, and value engineering and optimize products and services accordingly.

To build your future, forget your past

Zero-based thinking means that you start from scratch and build up your costs based on what you want. This is an alternative to looking at past results and slowly carving out costs.

ZBx is fundamentally different from zero-based budgeting. It helps you distinguish the good and bad costs and realign your resources to invest in growth and profitability.

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