Shifting gears for growth

We are entering an industrial revolution thanks to new technologies and customer behavior changes. A series of technological, macroeconomic, and B2B customer trends are accelerating and converging to create new opportunities and challenges on an exponentially larger scale as we look at the global post-pandemic recovery.

The return to pre-pandemic levels is not something that industrial companies can focus on. To enter a new phase, the ambition must be greater.

Sectors we serve

Engineering, construction, real estate services

Contractors, building products, capital projects, and infrastructures. Property and facility management.

Consumer durables

There are consumer products that can be used as often as necessary, and they last.

Freight and Logistics

Carriers (railroad, air, and ocean), integrators, freight forwarders/3PLs, and ports and terminals.

Heavy equipment

Large vehicles are manufactured in a discrete manner for the construction, agriculture, mining, and rail sectors.

Industrial and electrical equipment

Industrial machinery and industrial products manufacturers are primarily sold to B2B companies.


Companies that produce goods and systems that are used in the manufacturing process of vehicles or that become part of them.


Cloud, lean processes & new digital core

Accelerate and scale cloud-based digital programs, which provide speed, scalability, and organizational agility through lean processes.

Connected products & services

Utilize real-time data, artificial intelligence, and lightning-fast connectivity in order to transform the value that B2B customers receive from industrial products or services.

Consumerization & growth

Pivot your business to digital commerce and other new growth sources, adapting quickly to changing B2B customer needs.

Intelligent operations

Rethink your business operations throughout the B2B value-chain, including with suppliers, core and support processes, as well as with customers.

Responsible & sustainable business

Restructure the business to achieve net-zero. Adopt green IT, cloud computing, and software. Reskill employees to support circularity.

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