Giant Rising

M-commerce is beginning to set new standards in the retail industry and is likely to become a $250 billion market in the coming years.

63% of the today’s mobile generation prefers to shop using their mobile devices on a daily basis. Technology innovators like Apple Pay have changes the face of this industry and retail majors report that 30% of their customers pay via smartphones in the store.

Forward-thinking retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom have adopted sensors and beacon proliferation technologies by installing Magic Mirrors, Smart Fitting Rooms and other innovations to enhance customer experience.

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How is Retail Different?

An application is considered successful if its user frequency and usability are both on the higher side. Retail applications need to be creative and have a deep understanding of the user’s requirement for them to be a success.

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Our Solutions

The mobile revolution has given a new dimension to retailers and customer interaction.  In today’s world, it is observed that people tend to spend time on their smartphones using apps while waiting in queues.

Enhancing the retail experience with technology is the need of the hour. Here are a few examples that achieve this successfully:

Geolocation technologies

Global retail leaders use location technology to guide users to their nearest stores and provide them with information about this store and the products.

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Loyalty programs

Combined with BigData, retailers now use targeted marketing methods by providing users with customized offers, discounts, early bird specials and much more.

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Mobile payments

Integrated payment methods like credit/debit card integration now allows retailers to simplify payment modes through their applications.

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Sensors and beacons

Sensors and beacons are helping retailers in achieving a higher rate of offline sales. They prompt user behavior through ads and special offers delivered to their mobile devices.

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Retailers can gather customer data through their applications to analyze their customer behavior patterns and device their marketing and promotional strategies based on this real-time data.

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