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Our clients are challenged to rethink the products and processes they use. This vision of value begins with customers and extends to all areas of your business, resulting in greater productivity, growth, and sustainability.

  • How products are sourced and supplied
  • How products are designed and engineered
  • How products are manufactured
  • How products are serviced, returned and renewed


Cloud First provides a wide range of cloud services that will help you maximize the return on your investment. Cloud is not just technology. Our solutions include the culture and workforce changes required for long-lasting success.

Engineering and R&D digitization

Digitalizing Research & Development to lower development costs for clients and create new opportunities

Smart connected product design &...

Create smart-connected products that offer vital digital intelligence and drive organizational changes

Product platform engineering &...

With increased efficiency and speed, bring new products and services to the market.

Product as-a-service enablement

Enhance clients’ revenue streams by helping them adapt to the as-a-service business model.

Production & operations

It is possible to create truly connected factories across multiple sites, which will allow for better management

Capital projects

Digitalizing large infrastructure projects in order to make them available on budget and time.

Digital industrial workforce

Use digital technology to improve safety for employees.

Autonomous robotic systems

Designing manufacturing to increase productivity and collaboration between humans + machines.

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