Unleash automation to lead in the New

Intelligent automation such as RPA (robotic processing automation), natural language processing, and virtual agents can all help to improve productivity and efficiency. It doesn’t end there. Self-learning can be a great way to empower employees, improve customer relations and discover new ways of innovating.

While you may have achieved success using automation in an ad-hoc fashion, most companies are not able to scale this benefit across their entire enterprise. Automation investments are growing without reaching their full potential, whether it’s because of a shortage of skilled talent or clear vision from the top.

A comprehensive enterprise approach is essential to achieve success. This includes not only improving existing processes with AI but also designing new learning processes. This is a new way to work, which can be supported by organizational change and continuous reskilling.

What’s the payoff? You will combine human intelligence with self-optimizing artificial intelligence to solve your greatest challenges, both present, and future.

Spotlight on Communications and Media industries

Explore Replete’s Communications and Media industry practices.

Communications consulting

Discover how we’re helping CSPs reinvent by updating tech and operating models, adopting new growth models and driving hyper-personalization.

Media consulting

We help media and entertainment businesses outmaneuver uncertainty. With end-to-end transformation expertise, our clients emerge stronger and grow.

Spotlight on Communications and Media industries

Explore Replete’s Communications and Media industry practices.

Communications consulting

Do you want to increase customer engagement? We can help you build a customized platform powered by smart tech to create seamless experiences across all channels.

Intelligent Advertising Services

Our comprehensive intelligent advertising services can help you grow your advertising business.

Network Services

Accelerate 5G rollout; achieve ultra-lean legacy network administration; launch new software-driven networking services.

5G Acceleration Services

You will need a comprehensive range of capabilities to help you move to 5G networks.

Cybersecurity Services

We offer next-generation cybersecurity services to protect your business from the inside.

Applied Intelligence

Combining AI and industry knowledge to bring applied intelligence to life.

Cloud Services

Stay ahead of your competition with our full range of digital, analytics, and enterprise cloud services.

The B2B opportunity

Before the COVID-19 epidemic, disruptive forces had reshaped the communications industry. This left the B2B telco market without any growth in traditional connectivity services and a stagnant business-to-business (B2B telco) market. CSPs are increasingly focusing on the digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Cloud and 5G are major breakthroughs for large companies that will transform network technology and CSP technology. CSPs have an opportunity to reimagine their value chain, where the network is the extension of cloud and edge and becomes the control point for enterprises. These industry forces have made B2B the largest growth opportunity for CSPs.

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