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As they navigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, defense and aerospace companies are experiencing disruptive changes as well as competing challenges. This leads us to a single conclusion: digital transformation.

This is something that defense and aerospace executives are aware of and expect to see more than a doubled increase in sales of digital services in the next five years. Failure to act could lead to serious consequences. If they don’t overcome the organizational hurdles for digital reinvention, more than 80% fear significant cost escalations and losing market share.

Successfully embracing digital as a core part of their business can achieve up to four-fold improvement in their digital investments over other industry players and scale more than half of their digital proofs of concept.

Businesses can use our three-point approach to map their digital future. This will help them build resilience and unleash potential growth.

Commercial Aerospace Insight

Replete’s Commercial Aerospace Insight combines sophisticated econometric modeling methods to generate quantitative forecasts about the health of commercial aviation markets and insights from top aerospace executives around the world. It provides unique insight into short- and medium-term trends as well as drivers in this market.

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