How to improve end-to-end experiences

CPG companies must fundamentally rethink how they interact with consumers and retailers in order to grow. Here are four ways to enhance the digital customer and consumer experience.

How we help

Our services range from growth strategy and execution to sales and promotion management and marketing.

Remodel the portfolio

Create an innovation agenda to drive disruptive growth.

Redefine consumer and channel experience

Capture new potential and meet liquid needs

Reinvent operations

Design the business that is relevant on a large scale.

Run an intelligent enterprise

To unlock more value in your business, pivot it.

Develop next-gen IT architecture

To adapt quickly, go digital at the core.


The Replete consumer goods sector helps businesses innovate and transform by enabling front-office transformation and building intelligent enterprises underpinned with technology and analytics.

Replete's customer innovation network

To stay competitive in an ever-changing world, explore emerging technologies.

SAP services & solutions

Your intelligent enterprise will power your business and propel it forward.

Where we serve


Find out how we work across the food value chains (seeds and farming, processing, and distribution) to foster innovation and growth for our clients in agribusiness.

Alcoholic beverages

We help companies that market, distribute, or produce alcohol to get closer to their customers and enhance the customer experience.

Beauty and personal goods

We are changing the customer experience in beauty and helping clients discover new opportunities fueled by data.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages

We help food and beverage companies adapt to the changing needs of consumers for fast, healthy, and socially responsible products that enhance experiences.

Home and personal care

We help clients adapt to changing consumer lifestyles by providing personal care and hygiene as well as home care products, appliances, and other services.

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